The World's Smartest (WiFi) Wireless Audio Transmitter for TV

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CloviFi is a wireless audio transmitter that connects to a TV's audio out port (or any other device with an audio-out port) to transmit the audio over a Wi-Fi signal on an existing network to multiple smart devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.). CloviFi delivers the desired audio from its source directly to your ears, overriding the background distractions.

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  1. The first audio transmitter to work wirelessly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can stream your favorite TV programs comfortably, without disturbing anyone else.
  2. The ability to connect multiple users to a single device allows public establishments with multiple TVs to provide a private listening experience for their clients.
  3. Provides comfortable, personalized volume levels perfect for the hearing impaired, eliminating expensive aids and bulky devices.


Bluetooth transmitters are great, but can only connect one person at a time. Vitaly invented an affordable solution to that problem. CloviFi doesn't limit the number of users that can connect to a single device.

Want to listen together? Skip the Bluetooth and connect CloviFi to your Wi-Fi network so each person can listen simultaneously on their smartphone, with their favorite headphones.

The best part - the distance range of this revolutionary (Wi-Fi) Wireless Audio Transmitter is greater than Bluetooth! Connect to your home network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and easily switch between devices in different rooms.

  1. CloviFi is affordable, portable and simple to use! 
  2. Simply connect CloviFi to your TV, or any other audio source.
  3. Plug in your favorite headphones to your smartphone/Open our FREE app and select your desired device to begin your private listening experience!

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