CloviFi: The World's Smartest Wireless (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) Audio Transmitter for a TV or Other Audio Sources.

Meet CloviFi - Wireless Audio Transmitter

Ideal for consumers, seniors, those struggling with hearing loss, as well as businesses in public places, CloviFi enables users to privately listen to high quality TV audio streams through personal mobile devices, without disturbing others nearby.  CloviFi connects to your TV or any other audio source and transmits wirelessly or via Bluetooth to any iOS, Android smartphone or tablet.The device can be used by multiple people in the same room or throughout the house, with each person streaming to their own headphones what they want to listen to.  CloviFi is simple, affordable and easy to use.  Users simply connect CloviFi to their TV, connect their mobile device and CloviFi to Wi-Fi, download, install and run the app, select the available TV in the app, and start their own private listening experience.

How it Works

Use Cases

  • The first audio transmitter to work wirelessly over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can stream your favorite TV programs comfortably, without disturbing anyone else.
  • The ability to connect multiple users to a single device allows public establishments with multiple TVs to provide a private listening experience for their clients.


What's In The Box

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William L.UI/UX Designer, Software Developer

I am at that age that I like to turn up my TV volume. My wife does't appreciate it. A family friend approached me and told me about CloviFi. I've been in science industry almost all my life. I like new technology. I have two TVs and was worried that I had to buy two headsets or hearing aids. But in reality I get to keep the same headset that I love and it works great for both of my TVs. I do not need to buy expensive hearing aids or additional headsets. CloviFi is truly innovative technology for our home!

Cory H.Business Owner, Manager

My wife and I were looking for something to allow our kids to watch TV but without disturbing us or waking the the baby during nap time . I've learned about CloviFi while going to school for my MBA. I recommended to my wife that we try CloviFi. After just a few days of trying it, we knew we needed one! We can now stop battling over volume levels while the kids watch their favorite shows. Best of all they can do this while we get work done or during the baby's nap.


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Are there any volume discounts available?

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