Vitaliy Mahidov CloviTek, Founder/CEO

Growing up in an orphanage in Ukraine, I never imagined I could be here in America launching a Kickstarter campaign for a device I invented. I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues that have helped me further my education and to get me where I am today, launching CloviFi .


What is CloviFi?

CloviFi is for homeowners or businesses with 1 or more TVs who are dissatisfied with current bluetooth audio transmitters or not aware of content distribution solutions. It is also for those with mid-to-moderate hearing loss and serves as a personal sound amplification product (PSAPs) that helps you hear more clearly in certain situations. Our product is a plug-and-play Wi-Fi Audio transmitter that delivers the desired audio from its source directly to the customer’s ears through a mobile device, overriding the background destructions. Unlike the common bluetooth or Wi-Fi business solutions, our product is inexpensive, compact, and allows multiple connections at a wider distance range.

Product Gallery

Various high resolution images of the CloviFi device.


Logos with various backgrounds and shapes (PNG, Ai)

Images of CloviFi use. (includes mobile UI screenshots, & prototyping)


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