★【5th-Gen Soundproof Wall Panels】Quick-Recovery & High SoundProofing & High Density & High Elasticity & Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly —— The performances of the 5th-Gen Sound Proof Foam Panels are twice better than those of the 3rd-Gen sound proof panels for walls. They can effectively absorb noise and echo, and are safe for adults, children and pets. Moreover, the Quick-Recovery feature makes them available to be used immediately without waiting 2-3 days for expansion.
★【Egg Foam Padding Design Is the Most Soundproof】The experiment proved that egg carton foam is the most effective soundproof design. The NRC of WVOVW 5th-Gen Eggshell Foam is as high as 0.91. They can be effectively soundproofing, and reduce reverb, flutter echo, and unwanted reflections so that you can get a quiet environment.
★【Strong Self Adhesion】When you use these self-adhesive acoustic foam panels, you don’t have to worry about not getting the right glue so that they will fall down. The sound foam are equipped with strong self-adhesive on the back and you can easily install them! (*NOTE: Please press firmly on all places to activate their stickiness!)
★【1.5 Inches Golden Dimensions】We found that soundproof wall panels designed to be 1.5 inches thick are the best. The soundproof effect of 1-inch-thick sound panels are not good and the 2-inch-thick sound dampening panels are easy to fall off and makes people feel oppressed.
★【Professional Manufacturer and Customer Service】Over the years, WVOVW has provided a professional sound proof scheme for a number of recording studios, houses, offices, piano rooms, meeting rooms and cinemas. Moreover, WVOVW provides 7*24 professional customer service to answer all your questions. As long as you are not satisfied, you can get a replacement or refund without any reason. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

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