Adam Audio A8H Powered 3-Way Studio Monitor

The pinnacle of the A Series, the A8H is a three-way speaker that delivers the extremely accurate and analytical sound required for critical-listening environments. The A8H incorporates an 8-inch resonant Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fiber woofer, innovative midrange driver, and handmade precision X-ART tweeter, which together produce an ultra-wide frequency response. Like the other members of the A Series family, the A8H gives you tremendous flexibility for fine-tuning the sound through rotatable HPS waveguide technology and onboard DSP. At home across a full range of audio applications in mid-to full-sized spaces, the A8H is the right choice when you’re looking for the most detailed representation of your audio.

HPS Waveguide Technology

The Adam Audio HPS (high-frequency propagation system) waveguide technology enables tweeters to disperse sound with controlled consistency, broad on the horizontal axis but tightly focused in the vertical plane. The A Series introduces a rotatable HPS waveguide design. You can shift A Series tweeters in 90-degree steps to continue to benefit from HPS waveguide technology whether you position the speakers horizontally or vertically. 

Bundle Includes:

  • Adam Audio A8H Powered 3-Way Studio Monitor (Left)
  • Adam Audio A8H Powered 3-Way Studio Monitor (Right)
  • 2 x 1/4-Inch TRS to XLR Male to Male Balanced Cable (10-Feet)

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Bundle Includes: Adam Audio A8H Powered 3-Way Studio Monitor (Left), Adam Audio A8H Powered 3-Way Studio Monitor (Right), and 2 x 1/4-Inch TRS to XLR Male to Male Balanced Cable (10-Feet)
Midrange Driver: Adapted from the groundbreaking Adam Audio DCH midrange driver used by the S Series speakers, the A8H’s midrange driver delivers a clean sound in a critical part of the frequency range where humans are especially sensitive to coloration of the sound. Using a dedicated driver for the midrange further helps clarify lows and highs by eliminating the need for woofers to reproduce midrange frequencies and thus reducing distortion
Hybrid Amplification: The A8H’s woofer includes Class D amplifier that helps produce linear performance while reducing distortion. This amplifier has both power and efficiency, in terms of both energy consumption and sound reproduction. The low thermal dissipation allows for a smaller heat sink, which facilitated additional investment in the exceptional power and performance of the A8H monitor
DSP-Based Electronics: The A8H’s capitalizes on the transformative power of DSP-based electronics to provide greater tuning precision and better predictability than analog-only speakers. With firmware that can be updated through an Ethernet connection, over time you can expect to integrate the latest DSP-based capabilities from Adam Audio, including new filter types and features, plus alternative voicings
Room Adaptation: On the back panel of the Adam Audio A8H speaker, you will find four bands of room adaptation equalization including Bass, Desk, Presence, and Treble. Each band is adjustable in predefined steps, offering more than 100 tuning options to help compensate for the typical acoustic problems that arise from speaker placement

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