Introducing the Gauss 7 — a tribute to greatness. Classics never die — Avantone is proud to bring Gauss back to the world with the Gauss 7 reference monitor. Decades after the disappearance of the Gauss Speaker Company, the line has returned with a proper (low-end) bang. Gauss 7 mixes the old-school snap of vintage near-field monitors, with the bandwidth and frequency response of new-school monitors. Its GAU-AMT tweeter provides ultra-smooth response, with an impressive stereo-field — making hours of listening time only feel like minutes. The folded AMT driver can only be described as transparent and accurate, with detailed transients. The Gauss 7 system delivers a super-wide “sweet spot”, precise imaging, and an impressive, natural, and accurate mid-range response. Gauss 7 also features simple, yet very powerful acoustic-tuning controls. That, paired with the vertical dispersion of the GAU-AMT, means clean acoustic response in any room environment. Gauss: the legend is back.

An incredible reference monitor system, with fantastic transient response
Hi-fidelity GAU-AMT tweeter provides smooth “air” frequencies, impressive stereo imaging, super-wide “sweet spot”, and less unwanted room reflections
A unique woofer design with old-school snap, and new-school bandwidth
Natural and revealing mid-range
Impressive 180W amplification per monitor

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Avantone Pro Gauss 7 Active St... Price: $499.00 (as of 07/04/2023 10:58 PST- Details)