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Approximately 37.5 million of American adults aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing. The costs of hearing aids is high and they are not always needed. The Bluetooth solutions do not allow multiple users’ connections to the same audio source. If this sounds familiar...


Do you want to watch your favorite TV show late at night, but do not want to disturb anyone else in the room? Or, as a parent, do you want your child to enjoy a favorite video game without disturbing you with loud TV volume? Why compromise? You can both win. To find out more...


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Often closed captioning is not enough to enhance the user experience. The CloviFi device can be used as a Personal Sound Amplifier Product (PSAP) with or without FDA-approved hearing amplifier systems. With it you have control of personal acoustic level without disturbing anyone nearby. FDA-approved hearing aids are often expensive in contrast to the CloviFi device that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. No need to trade-in your comfortable headphones that you already use to watch TV. If you have hearing aids you can get the same high quality sound using an induction loop style listening system which allows you to listen through your hearing aid. The CloviFi product delivers the desired audio from its source directly to your ears, overriding the background distractions.



You, as many others, perhaps have purchased wireless speakers, such as Sonos, or wireless Bluetooth headphones that allow wireless transmission of audio from device-to-device. Most of these devices let you listen to a TV or audio in different rooms or remote locations without worrying about a physical connection. This eliminates the need for wiring and technical understanding of how to connect the devices with each other. Many of the existing products are compatible with audio/video equipment. The CloviFi device works the way as existing devices that you are using at home and work. It is simple to use, compact, affordable, safe, and easy to install on any TV.



CloviFi installation and equipment is inexpensive and simple for home and business use. CloviFi offers you multiple ways to connect to your audio sources - stereo RCA connector, 3.5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth, optical, and HDMI. CloviFi’s connectivity options essentially mean that you can stream audio from a variety of different sources. If you have a TV at home and a Wi-Fi connection, then the device is easy to install in 4 simple steps: 1) Connect the CloviFi device to the TV via one of the audio inputs; 2) Connect a mobile phone or any other mobile device and CloviFi to an existing Wi-Fi network; 3) Download, install, and run the CloviFi mobile app on the mobile device; 4) Chose from the list of available TVs in the app and start listening through the headphones connected to the mobile device.



Bluetooth headphones are great, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow retrofit your comfy old wired headphones and make them work with all this newfangled wireless technology? The CloviFi device lets people use any of their old-school wired devices wirelessly, by employing something you probably already keep in your pocket — your smartphone. CloviFi is a small, rounded black box with a modern design. Based on Wi-Fi technologies, the CloviFi device offers over 10 times higher transmission speeds than Bluetooth and there is absolutely no loss of audio fidelity as the data signal travels across the Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth can only be used in close distance, around 30 feet. Bluetooth does not allow multiple connections to one audio source at the same time. Just by reading about these limitations you are probably already dissatisfied. Not only that, you are also unable to install an existing expensive, bulky, and complex Wi-Fi system in your home if you wanted to! Unlike others, CloviFi comes with simple installation guidelines, uses Wi-Fi, and has no monthly subscription fees. 


What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Thanks to CloviFi... I continue using my favorite headphones...

When I come home right after work I usually like to play games on my tv late at night. I also enjoy good quality sound, so I turn-up the volume on our home TV quite often. However, my family members don't appreciate that. So I started using my headphones for privacy. But I always had to be close to the TV to avoid disconnecting the wires. When I was looking at the possibility of buying Bluetooth headphones, the ones I really liked were too expensive. Fortunately, CloviFi was a more affordable solution for me. Now I continue using my favorite headphones, but do not need to be close to the TV.

Kimball K. (Gamer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I do not need to buy expensive hearing aids...

I am at that age that I like to turn up my TV volume. My wife does't appreciate it. So, I started looking for something that works for both of us. A family friend approached me and told me about CloviFi. I was wondering if that means I had to get new headphones or hearing aids. I am glad that he explained to me in more details what CloviFi does. So, now I feel comfortable about my discovery. I've been in science industry almost all my life. I like new technology. I have two TVs and was worried that I had to buy two headsets. But in reality I get to keep the same headset that I love and it works great for both of my TVs. I do not need to buy expensive hearing aids or headsets. CloviFi is truly innovative technology for our home!

Kirk L. (Software Developer)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

CloviFi a must have device when you have kids.

My wife and I were looking for something to allow our kids to watch TV but without disturbing us or waking the the baby during nap time . When my wife talked to her sister about the problem her sister recommended we try CloviFi. After just a few days of trying it we knew we needed one! We can now stop battling over volume levels while the kids watch their favorite shows. Best of all they can do this while we get work done or during the babies nap.

Cory H. (Manager)


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